What we do


« Quand tu aimes il faut partir…partager, offrir. » (When you love, you have to leave, …share, offer) ( la citation est de Blaise Cendrars, peut etre faudrait il le mentionner..?)
Vickyh offers to be the main partner of your honeymoon. The witness of your most beautiful emotions, leading you on a unique voyage, at the doorstep of a new life, we offer you to run away together to discover new horizons. You trust us with your most beautiful secret and we offer you ours.

These specific destinations and unique moments are to be lived by you, only the two of you… Romantic getaways to unknown territory, farniente on a desert island, discovery journey in lush backdrops, Himalayan trekking, soothing stay in a luxury retreat; the possibilities to get away as a couple abound. We prepare the most beautiful honeymoons and wedding lists and you’ll know why. To live this unique moment and create a journey that matches your character, we provide you with our know-how and knowledge. Depending on the period of the year and your dream destination, we accompany you every step of the way: from the imagining of the itinerary, the selection of the type of accommodation, the means of transport most fitted to your journey, by way of the guides that will make your trip unique and unforgettable. We’ll present you with our « Black books », hand sawn jewels containing our best kept secrets, and inform you about the places not to miss: be it contemporary architecture, the best galleries, the designers’ shopping addresses, the new and trendy spots, we’ll guide you through.


We would like to offer you a piece of the earth, as unique souvenir. Wedding gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, dad’s 80th, family trip with all the kids; for Giulia’s 30th birthday, the trip to Cambodia she’s been dreaming of, leaving gift for a departing colleague, the list can go on. An online list is also available, just like the ones created for honeymoons and entirely made to measure.

The gift list can be completely customized, making for an original attention for that special someone, and the cherry on top, always irresistibly fun and absolutely unique.