wedding tips

For everything related to the organisation of the big event, we rely exclusively on the expert services of Bertrand Lavanchy, Carpe Diem and More, and BBM EVENTS. After many years working for Publicis live, in charge of the events for Latin America; and after many an impossible mission implemented with success, Bertrand creates Carpe Diem in order to take his clients as close as possible to their most intimate desires. Bertrand knows all the ins and outs of a successful wedding, he’s THE right choice for state of the art wedding planning.

The bride and groom

1. Outfits
2. Bridesmaid’s and bride children’s dresses and outfits
3. Bouquet, corsage.

4. Hair and make-up and preparation of the bride. 

5. Hair and shaving, preparation of the groom.

6. Stag night and bachelorette party

7. Pampering and relaxation before the wedding.

8. Wedding night and honeymoon. 


1. Invitations and thank you cards

2. Guests’ accommodation


1. Administrative arrangements 

2. Organisation of the religious ceremony 

3. Transport and vehicles

4. Decoration of the Church or temple

5. Other : dragées (traditional sugared almond), ring pillow, animation for the leaving of the Church/temple and city hall. 


1. Wedding hall/location rental (evening and aperitif), and technical material (except decoration)

2. Aperitif / Vin d’Honneur (wine, drinks, cakes)

3. Catering and menu

4. Organisation & decoration of the wedding hall/location

5. Animations during aperitif and reception

6. Animations & baby sitter for the kids

7. Photographer and movie 

8. Cleaning of the wedding hall/location (except if included in hall’s services).