To help you make the right decision and choose a trip in harmony with your dreams, we have defined 5 styles of departures:

1. Cajole me…

Sleep, beach, rest, read, relax, paradise… the trip whose luggage contains only a swimsuit and books. Only the two of us, happy and away from it all.

2. Teach me…

Visits, encounters, discoveries of fascinating cultures, a trip for the adventurous couple.

3. Change me …

Trekking in the Himalaya, the Andes, horseback riding in Patagonia, and other trips that change us and move us.

4. If only he had seen…

The sun set on the ocean, the most beautiful boat on the most beautiful seas of the world. On a sailing boat, in a Kenyan Dhow, or on a private yacht, leave the ground and take distance.

5. He shall go…

On a trip around the world, and be tempted to leave again. With the kids, in a special place, a preview of the earth when one’s head is still up in the clouds.


Rest before the big day! In general, the requests we receive concern possible destinations for stag nights or bachelorette parties. Yet more and more frequently, the future bride and groom decide to get away for a few days before the big day, an opportunity to regain strength and recharge the batteries before the celebrations.

We widened our offer of addresses, in addition to our “classics”, we added a section dedicated to well being and pampering, under the title: destinations « BE GOOD TO YOURSELF ». These new destinations include the following:

- Yoga

- Ayurvedic treatments

- Spa therapy

- Scenic walks in the Swiss mountains

Exemples et idées de voyages :

In Africa

Colourful Kenya, breathtaking safaris and Lamu.

Kenya of the kings, the most gorgeous lodges and Kiwayu.

The Pinot flowers, South Africa and Mozambique

Okavongo and the elephants, Botswana and Namibia

Uganda and the gorillas.

In Latin America

South South South, all the way to Patagonia

From Buenos Aires to Che’s beaches

Favela chic, luxurious Brazil

Mexico bomba, the Eldorado of the most beautiful sites

In Asia

Himalaya my love, Bouthan, Treks and Spas

Turquoise India, Rajasthan and the Maldives

India of the trading posts, Kerala and Sri-lanka

Baga, Angkorwat and Banyan Tree

Himalayan Trekking : Mustang, Zanskar, Ladakh or Tibet, you choose.

In Europe

Lisbon and the Choupana Hills

St-Petersburg and Finland

Moro kings, from Granada to Morocco

Portugal of the Pousadas and Madeira

At Sea

Australia and New-Zealand

The Seychelles

The Maldives, retreat in North Island

Java and Bali, between spices and tranquillity

Polynesia, the pearls of the South Pacific

* It goes without saying that we can combine the various styles and adapt the trip once you’ve selected the destinations.