about us

We created Vickyh destinations seven years ago with the purpose of offering a bespoke service to exclusive travellers, to accompany our clients around the planet earth with the help of passionate and dependable experts.

We want to underline the importance of serious preparation and of complicity -based on encounter and listening-, on the road to exceptional, state of the art travelling. Because our definition of luxury travelling encompasses a personal experience crystallized in a special instant.

Our services are embodied in the privilege of an experience engraved in a moment in time, which you offer yourself -or the persons you love- as a gift. Vickyh organizes trips in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. To enjoy urban pleasures and promises of an intimately different journey, VickyH has worked on a selection of boutique hotels, charming retreats, cultural rendez-vous and trails off the beaten track. We promote a different way of travelling, connected to pleasures, but also conscious and involved.

Our About Love department shares the same ambitions, and most important of all, it has understood the importance of travelling. May it be as a special gift to someone we care about; or while organising « the trip », the honeymoon. We wish to leave nothing to chance, by offering a service of excellence continuously revised in order to match the exigencies we set for ourselves. We have all the addresses of our competitors, but most importantly, we also have those they do not have. Above all, we have the ambition to sell you a story, rather than just selling you a destination; and to have the privilege to be a witness in the imagination process leading to this story.