The bride and groom receive a contract detailing the following points as well as the general conditions and fees.

Down Payment

The bride and groom commit themselves to paying a 30% deposit, equivalent to 30% of the value of the trip, or a minimum of CHF 1’500.- . This deposit will be deducted from the amount received as gifts.


The cancellation regulations applicable are identical to the general conditions established in the general offer of Vickyh Destinations SA.


If the gifts amount to more than the price of the prepared trip, the difference will be entirely transferred to the bride and groom without other conditions; alternatively and upon their request, the amount will be kept for future travels with Vickyh destinations SA. In case the gifts are inferior to the value of the travel, either the trip is adapted accordingly, or the bride and groom pay the difference.


In case the bride and groom don’t use the gifts received for the organisation of a trip, a processing commission of 5% will be perceived, without other conditions.

Account status

Vickyh presents each gift maker with an invoice at the time of the transfer, to be used as proof in case of dispute. Moreover, Vickyh will give, upon request from the client and at any given time, a detailed status of the transfers and the bank account of the client.


Management of the wedding list*                                  chf 500 .-

* This includes:
- Opening of the bank account with the bank
- Emission of means of payment (BVR)
- Processing Fees
- Management of the gifts
- Creation of the trip and related documents


Website, blog, stationery, travel notebooks, cards, upon request.